North Rock jumps on 10Mbps bandwagon; alters pricing

30 Nov 2011

Bermudan ISP North Rock Communications has launched a 10Mbps residential broadband service priced at BMD129.95 (USD129.95) per month, and upgraded the speeds of its other services without increasing end users’ monthly charges. Under the upgrade, which mirrors a similar announcement earlier this month from Bermuda Telephone Company (BTC), North Rock says its 1Mbps service costing BMD29.95 a month has been upped to 1.5Mbps, 2Mbps (BMD69.95) to 2.5Mbps, 3Mbps (BMD85.95) to 3.5Mbps, 6Mbps (BMD119.95) to 8Mbps and 8Mbps (USD129.95) to 10 Mbps. The ISP’s manager Vicki Coelho said the firm was responding to competition in a tough economic climate. ‘North Rock recognises the challenges our community is facing … We want to provide cost effective internet and faster speeds with the announcement of BTC’s introduction of 8Mbps and 10Mbps services,’ she said. People upgrading or signing up to North Rock’s internet plans will receive their first month for free, and in addition the changes mean that they will also be able to make ‘unlimited’ downloads.

Bermuda, North Rock Communications