NTT, NTT Com implement 100Gbps and 40Gbps plug-and-play field tests

24 Nov 2011

Japan’s Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT) and its subsidiary NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) have announced the first implementation of 100Gbps and 40Gbps ultra-high speed plug-and-play optical communications in the country. In a press release NTT said the transmission tests were carried out ‘in real field environments using existing installed optical fibre, and have demonstrated for the first time, plug-and-play functionality that greatly reduces the setup time previously required for configuring optical signals. This was achieved using a new technology developed by NTT which is able to auto-configure 100Gbps and 40Gbps ultra-high speed signals.’ The statement goes on to say that the companies’ research results ‘enables 100Gbps and 40Gbps ultra-high speed signals to be configured easily and automatically, similarly to the 1Gbps-class signals used for fibre-to-the-home (FTTH).’