Vodacom Congo sale back on the cards

21 Nov 2011

Congo Wireless Networks (CWN) has withdrawn its petition to block the sale of Vodacom’s 51% stake in its Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) operation, Vodacom Congo, in which CWN owns the remaining 49%, reports Bloomberg. Alieu Conteh, the chairman and founder of CWN said: ‘I’ve instructed my lawyers to withdraw the case against Vodacom. Vodacom is selling and we want to assist them in any way we can’. The announcement comes in the wake of a court order issued last month, ordering Conteh to step down temporarily to allow CWN’s shareholders to discuss the sale. Vodacom is divesting its interest in the company to end a long-standing dispute with CWN over the structure and funding of Vodacom Congo. Thus far fellow South Africans MTN Group and Angola’s Unitel have voiced their interest in acquiring Vodacom’s stake.

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