Digicel Bermuda throws down gauntlet with BMD25 internet offer

18 Nov 2011

Digicel Bermuda has announced the launch of a new fixed broadband service priced from BMD25 (USD25) per month for a 1Mbps (downlink) connection. Marketed under the banner ‘Digicel Internet’, the operator will provide the new offer through domestic internet service provider (ISP) Transact Ltd, recently acquired by Digicel. In addition, the cellco-turned-telco intends to offer a 2Mbps and 4Mbps option, priced at BMD60 and BMD90 per month respectively. Digicel’s new packages compare with rival offerings from North Rock Communications and Logic Communications, both of which offer 2Mbps and 4Mbps connections for BMD69.95 and BMD99.95 per month. ‘Digicel is thrilled to offer this service to the people of Bermuda who are eager for better value for their internet service,’ said Digicel Bermuda chief executive, Wayne Caines. ‘We have made a name for ourselves as a company that is committed to delivering value. We built this reputation by applying our principles to the cellular market, the mobile internet market and now the internet market,’ he added.