Tata, Nawras launch TGN-Gulf cable system

17 Nov 2011

India’s Tata Communications and Omani telecoms operator Nawras have announced the launch of the Tata Global Network-Gulf (TGN-Gulf) cable system, which will be used to instantaneously route voice and data traffic from Oman to Mumbai, India, and onwards to the rest of the world, via the Tata Global Network (TGN). ‘The new cable is an exciting milestone as Nawras will now gain bandwidth to economically meet the ever-growing demand for voice and data services from our valued customers, for mobile and fixed line,’ noted Ross Cormack, CEO of Nawras, adding: ‘It will also reduce international interconnection costs as well as national and international transmission lease-line costs, while at the same time allowing Nawras total end-to-end quality control. We can also now expand our service portfolio to include international data and transmission services.’ Acting as a gateway to the TGN, the TGN-Gulf cable system will provide a new dimension to the infrastructure and unique service capabilities of each of the partners. Using its own cable stations, each party will have access to a new high speed global route, adding additional resilience and diversity to the infrastructure in each country. The capacity will also help to support the continued expansion of broadband penetration, internet usage and enterprise applications in each market. Alongside Nawras, the TGN-Gulf project landing parties are Etisalat (United Arab Emirates), Qatar Telecom (Qatar), Bahrain Internet Exchange (Kingdom of Bahrain) and Mobily (Saudi Arabia).