Going for a no Glo everybody: start-up postpones launch

17 Nov 2011

Ghanaian start-up Globacom has postponed today’s scheduled launch of its Glo Mobile service, citing ‘logistical constraints’ as the reason. Globacom, a Nigeria-based telco with operations in Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin and Cote d’Ivoire, had earlier announced that its official launch in Ghana would take place on 17 November 2011, three years after first receiving a licence to offer services.

It is the latest twist in a saga that has surrounded Globacom’s oft-delayed entry to the Ghanaian market. GlobalComms writes that in August this year the government in Accra warned the would-be start-up to launch commercial services by 15 September, or face sanctions. The ultimatum was delivered by the Minister of Communications, Haruna Iddrisu, who was quoted as saying: ‘it is about time we take the company on because they have the Ghanaian market space waiting for too long.’ For its part, the Nigerian-owned operation has long argued that it has faced obstacles to its entry into the market. In May 2010 Globacom threatened to exit Ghana altogether in the face of what it termed ‘interests’ seemingly hell-bent on sabotaging its nationwide launch plans. At the time an unnamed source claimed that since Glo Mobile was awarded its GSM frequencies by the National Communications Authority (NCA), it has faced obstacles in terms of seeking approval for the swift deployment of its base stations, an encroachment on the frequencies it was awarded by the NCA and the repeated vandalism of its advertising billboards.

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