ArmenTel to offer customers ‘alternative’ fixed line tariffs from next year

17 Nov 2011

ARKA News Agency reports that Armenian incumbent fixed line operator ArmenTel will offer its subscribers ‘new alternative packages’ of voice telephony services from 12 January 2012. The new tariff plans were approved on Wednesday in the meeting of the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) – the telecoms regulator. The packages include monthly subscriber payment, services for local and international calls, as well as calls to mobile networks. ArmenTel is said to be looking to reduce the tariffs of international calls and calls to mobile networks, which will be compensated by a reduction in free minutes or an increase in the subscriber’s monthly payment. ‘The proposed alternative packages expand the range of operating tariff packages and can be applied only upon the wish of the subscriber on the basis of written application’, a spokesman for the PSRC said. ArmenTel’s new residential plans range from AMD1,100 (USD2.86) per month with 260 free minutes for internal intranet calls (including internet call capability). International calls will be AMD10 per minute (instead of the current AMD20), and calls terminating on mobile networks will come down to AMD36 (instead of the current AMD70 [day tariff] and AMD49 [night tariff]). A second tariff plan will cost AMD4,000 per month with 600 free minutes for internal and inter-city intranet calls (including IP voice calls). The cost of international calls charged at AMD7 and calls to mobile operators costing AMD36. Business users will also be offered a new alternative tariff plan costing AMD4,800 per month with 360 minutes for local intranet calls (including IP calls), AMD15 for inter-city calls and AMD36 to mobile numbers.