HTN will not operate Multilinks for the long term

10 Nov 2011

Helios Towers Nigeria (HTN) has said it does not expect to keep running Nigerian telecoms operator Multilinks in the long term, Reuters reports, citing Charles Green, the chief executive of Helios Towers Africa. An affiliate of HTN agreed to acquire full ownership of Multilinks from Telkom South Africa in June 2011 for a consideration of around USD10 million. An earlier attempt by Telkom to sell its Nigerian mobile unit to Visafone Communications for USD52 million was blocked by HTN, which said it had an injunction preventing the sale of the operator. ‘We wouldn’t become a network operator because we’ll end up competing with our customers which is something not to do,’ Green told a telecoms conference, adding: ‘So our ownership of the assets that came along in the debt equity swap is purely a matter of convenience. We will end up having another operator who operates the assets.’

Nigeria, Multi-links, Telkom South Africa