Alvarion WiMAX fine and dandy for Dandemutande

10 Nov 2011

Israeli technology provider Alvarion has announced that new Zimbabwean wireless broadband operator uMAX, a division of Dandemutande Investments, has selected its ‘4Motion’ solution to roll out a WiMAX network in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. uMAX’s wireless broadband network will operate in the 2.5GHz frequency range and is aimed at delivering high speed internet, VoIP telephony and data services such as video-streaming to business and residential customers, via USB dongles and other indoor and outdoor Customer Premises Equipment.

Dandemutande operates as an ISP through its Utande division, and is now expanding its range to include wireless broadband through its uMAX unit. Dandemutande also operates a tier 3 data centre and lays claim to Zimbabwe’s first cloud computing centre.

Zimbabwe, Alvarion, Dandemutande (incl. Utande)