NTA reports strong fixed, mobile growth

3 Nov 2011

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has published its latest market development report – Management Information System Issue 34, Vol. 82 – for the month ended 14 September 2011 (Bhadra, 2068). At that date the total number of fixed and mobile lines in service exceeded 13.762 million, up from 13.513 a month earlier, a penetration rate of 48.14%% of the Nepalese population (47.27%). Of the total, mobile accounted for the lion’s share of lines, at 12.153 million – including 11.296 million GSM and 856,669 CDMA connections – up from a total of 11.919 million in August (broken down as 11.061 million GSM and 858,273 CDMA connections). On top of this the country’s fixed service providers accounted for 842,352 lines, up from 840,000, including wireless in the local loop (WiLL), broken down as 612,563 and 229,789 users. Furthermore, the NTA reported a total of 765,135 land mobile service (LMS), 1,742 global mobile personal communications by satellite (GMPCS) connections, 74,102 ADSL connections, 15,943 cable modem broadband lines, and 24,817 wireless or fibre broadband connections.

Nepal, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)