GTA looks to expand outside of Guam

1 Nov 2011

Guam telecoms operator GTA TeleGuam is looking to venture outside of its domestic market for the first time through the expansion of services to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). According to Pacific Daily News, which cites the company’s executive vice president of external and legal affairs Dan Tydingco, the CNMI Public Utilities Commission last week granted permission to GTA to begin offering services in the region. ‘This is a win for the Northern Mariana Islands,’ Tydingco said, adding: ‘It … ensures fair competition and will motivate service providers to innovate and offer improved network customer services.’ He stated that the company has not yet set a launch date in the CNMI; GTA must first negotiate an interconnection agreement with the islands’ dominant service provider IT&E, which will sell wholesale network services to GTA, which in turn will resell them to consumers.

Northern Mariana Islands, GTA