EC tells Greece to comply with rules easing infrastructure deployment

28 Oct 2011

The European Commission (EC) has requested Greece adopt legislation to make it easier for telecoms operators to install facilities such as ducts, manholes, masts or antennae on public or private property. The country had originally been scheduled to adopt the right-of-way rules by the end of 2006 as part of its implementation of the 2002 European Union (EU) telecoms regulatory framework, but the legislation remains incomplete. The EC says the complete set of rules would give legal certainty to network operators and act as an incentive for them to invest in new networks, especially next-generation fixed and mobile access networks. It claims that the failure to do so has been a factor in hampering the development of broadband internet services in Greece, where both fixed and mobile broadband take-up lags behind the rest of the EU. The Commission’s request to Greece to adopt the rules on installation facilities takes the form of a ‘reasoned opinion’ under the EU infringement procedure. The country now has two months to inform the EC of the measures it has taken to comply with EU rules, and if it fails to do so, the Commission could refer it to the EU’s Court of Justice.