BIPT approves all five applications to bid in upcoming 4G spectrum auction

20 Oct 2011

Having earlier this week confirmed that it had received five submissions to take part in the sale process for 4G spectrum, the Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT) yesterday confirmed that all applications had been deemed admissible. The regulator confirmed that, among other things, it had verified that all of the applications had included the required data and documents, while it noted that all five prospective bidders had also submitted the deposit required for participating in the auction. While the identities of the interested parties had not previously been made public, in confirming that the submissions were valid the BIPT also revealed the names of the companies that are seeking spectrum suitable for the deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Those companies that will contest the auction are: Belgacom, BUCD, Craig Wireless Belgium, KPN Group Belgium and Mobistar. The BIPT has also confirmed that the sale process will begin on 28 November 2011, with the results of the auction to be published immediately after it concludes.

Commenting on the sale of the frequencies, Luc Hindryckx, BIPT chairman, noted: ‘The interest shown by players who are not active on the Belgian market yet, is proof of the positive effect of the regulator’s action, through the implementation of the regulatory framework, on the climate for investment in the electronic communications sector. The fourth-generation mobile services offer numerous perspectives exercising a positive influence on consumers, on economic growth and on the competitiveness of our companies. These five candidates will help to reach the goals set in the European Digital Agenda 2020, which aim to connect every European to the internet.’