NBN Co outlines constructions plans for the next year

19 Oct 2011

NBN Co, the public-private company set up to oversee and manage Australia’s in-deployment National Broadband Network (NBN), has released its inaugural twelve-month construction outlook, detailing the communities in each state and territory where it expects to begin work between now and September 2012. The company has unveiled 28 new locations, passing some 485,000 premises, where the rollout of the fibre-optic infrastructure will get underway over the course of the next year, while it also details those sites where construction has already begun; around 63,500 premises are already in areas where deployment is ongoing, including Second Release Sites, such as Geraldton, and extensions to First Release Sites such as Townsville. NBN Co has said that it expects to update the construction outlook on a quarterly basis, while it also confirmed that early in 2012 it will issue a three-year indicative view of the network rollout, which will itself be updated annually until the NBN is complete. On average NBN Co says it expects to take around a year from the start of the fibre network rollout in a given area until individuals are able to receive high-speed broadband services over the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, NBN Co also noted that the next phase of construction will involve the rollout of the first stage of the transit network which will connect the different fibre access nodes to points where the traffic will be transferred to service providers. In this first stage 149 transit links connecting 155 fibre access nodes are expected to be constructed, of which 30 are also points of interconnect (PoI). The transit network, which NBN Co aims to complete over the next three years, is ‘an important part of providing a NBN and will assist the rollout of fibre, fixed-wireless and satellite services’.

Alongside the basic rollout information, NBN Co also said it was providing additional information to telcos and internet service providers (ISPs) in order to help such companies plan investment and marketing with regards to services offered over the NBN. The extra information reportedly includes rollout and activation data regarding new housing developments


Commenting on these latest developments NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley noted: ‘Today’s announcement represents the start of a major nationwide construction effort that should eventually see us offer NBN coverage to every one of Australia’s 13 million premises … We’ll be publishing regular updates about where precisely the NBN is being rolled out and when it will reach each area. Public education activity, to launch next year, will also explain what the rollout will mean for every Australian, how to connect to the network and why it is important that the nation upgrades its telecommunications infrastructure.’

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