Peru’s wireless providers fined PEN700,000 apiece

17 Oct 2011

Peru’s telecoms watchdog Osiptel has fined the country’s three wireless operators PEN700,000 (USD252,800) each for failing to conform to new regulations by verifying a customer’s identity before selling them a pre-paid line. The new measures imposed by the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MTC) earlier this year were intended to reduce the use of mobile phones in criminal activity by eliminating the anonymity of using a pre-paid line. However, following an investigation by the Consumer Protection Committee of Congress, it was shown that the mobile operators were not enforcing the new guidelines. Osiptel warned that if the providers did not alter their behaviour, it would take ‘additional measures’.

Going forward, Nextel, Claro and Movistar have been ordered by the watchdog to validate their customer records with the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status. Whilst Nextel has reportedly complied with the instruction, a representative for Movistar argued that it ‘could not deny any citizen the provision of services.’ Claro also railed against the ruling, saying that it could not be held responsible for the actions of its customers.