Antigua issues LTE ultimatum

13 Oct 2011

The government of Antigua and Barbuda has threatened to introduce further competition to the telecoms sector if the existing players fail to indicate an intention to launch a 4G platform, reports Caribbean 360. The country’s telecommunications minister, Edmond Mansoor is seeking to guarantee the deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in the country, as part of its plan to position itself as the ICT capital of the Caribbean.

In a statement given at the opening of and ICT festival in the islands’ capital, Mansoor said ‘we are simply saying to the existing telecommunication providers that if the government of Antigua and Barbuda does not receive a written assurance by 30 November of this year that they have intentions to deploy a fourth-generation platform in Antigua, that the government of Antigua and Barbuda would consider licensing a new entrant into the marketplace, specifically to bring fourth-generation Long Term Evolution technology’.

Antigua and Barbuda