Orange offers 43.2Mbps download speeds in Bucharest

7 Oct 2011

According to the Romania Business Review, Orange Romania has made 3G download speeds of 43.2Mbps commercially available in Bucharest, with a number of other cities – including Cluj and Timisoara – poised for connectivity before the end of the year. Although Orange has not explicitly confirmed the technical specifications behind the increased speeds, it is assumed that the advanced connections are courtesy of a HSPA+ network deployment. The upgrade offers corresponding upload speeds of 5.76Mbps upload speeds. With reference to the cellco’s progression towards Long Term Evolution (LTE), Jean-Francois Fallacher, CEO of Orange Romania, commented: ‘It is clear that the next stop in the mobile business is LTE. A lot of very important investments must be made. It is hard to say whether it will be this year or next year, but for sure we will go in this direction. This is in the hands of ANCOM and the government. There is a tender planned next year, so we will see [under] what conditions we can have access’. The CEO said that Orange plans to invest between EUR500 million (USD668 million) and EUR600 million in network development by 2015, of which EUR110 million is slated for investment during the remainder of 2011.

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