Reliance Globalcom enhances FEA/FALCON capacity

6 Oct 2011

Reliance Globalcom, a subsidiary of Indian telecoms operator Reliance Communications (RCOM), has revealed an upgrade to the capacity of its undersea cable system which connects Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Far East, according to the Indian Economic Times. It is understood that capacity on the Flag Europe Asia (FEA) and FALCON cable systems has been boosted to more than 500Gbps with a view, the company said, to ushering in a ‘bandwidth revolution’ on the route. The FEA is integrated with the FALCON cable system and interconnects 23 countries, and the capacity upgrade is expected to enable Globalcom to maintain a high level of internet connectivity, with the unit’s COO Rory Cole cited as saying: ‘With over 500Gbps of capacity to connect the Middle East with Europe and Asia using the highly advanced platforms, we are in a position to cater to all existing and future bandwidth requirements and technological implementations of our carrier and ISP customers.’

India, Reliance Communications (RCOM)