Alca-Lu, T-Mobile Czech launch 100Gbps transmission network

27 Sep 2011

Paris-based equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent yesterday published a press release confirming that, in partnership with T-Mobile Czech Republic, the pair have successfully rolled out fibre-optic networks in the Republic – parts of which are capable of supporting data transmission rates of 100Gbps. Claiming a first for the Czech Republic, T-Mobile will use the new network to provide individual services connecting data centres and international transit traffic at ultra-high speeds. T-Mobile’s new infrastructure is intended for use by corporate clients, and will serve as the backbone for T-Mobile’s 3G network, supporting the cellco’s broadband vision of creating ‘The Fastest Network’ for its customers. Commenting on the announcement, T-Mobile technology director Frank Meywerk said: ‘Development of fibre-optic communications has always been one of T-Mobile’s priorities. Our fibre-optic backbone network now covers communication between more than 60 of the largest cities and towns in the Czech Republic … In view of the trend of continuously growing transmitted data volumes, 100G technologies are crucial for satisfying the needs of our customers and also have the potential to reduce the costs of our network operation.’ The 100Gbps service is currently live on T-Mobile’s fibre-optic backbone between Prague and several other major cities. The network is supported by dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical technology provided by Alca-Lu.

Czech Republic, Alcatel-Lucent, T-Mobile Czech Republic