Airtel Zambia close to rolling out 1,000th GSM site

23 Sep 2011

Zambian mobile network operator Airtel Zambia, a subsidiary of Indian telecoms giant Bharti Airtel, is reportedly on the brink of a number of milestones, according to the Times of Zambia. The local press source claims that Airtel Zambia is close to having installed more than 1,000 GSM cell sites across the country, connecting some 1,000 isolated and unserved areas, and serving more than four million subscribers. The report cites Airtel Zambia’s managing director Fayaz King as saying that over the last year his company has deployed base stations in a number of previously uncovered regions, while he also highlighted the government’s Statutory Instrument number 23 of 2011 as having triggered a rise in number of payphones. Indeed, the executive claimed that over the last 90 days Airtel Zambia has deployed over 3,000 payphones, while noting that in total the operator expects to roll out around 20,000, although no timeframe for such deployment was given. ‘Airtel definitely remains by far the biggest ICT contributor to the regulatory and statutory fees in the period between 1996 to 2010 ,[with] over ZMK2.5 trillion (around USD500,000) in various regulatory and statutory fees [of which] over ZMK408 billion [were] regulatory fees to Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA),’ Mr King noted.

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