BIPT issues draft guidelines on mobile infrastructure sharing

22 Sep 2011

The Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT) has released a draft communication on the guidelines for infrastructure sharing, with the regulator noting that it had published the document ‘to clarify the main concepts associated with mobile infrastructure sharing, to outline its pros and cons, and to provide guidelines and expectations about operator behaviour in the Belgian market.’ The publication: describes different types of architecture for mobile infrastructure sharing; presents the European and Belgian legal situation in relation to mobile infrastructure sharing; summarises the main operational impact and the pros and cons of mobile infrastructure sharing; and presents the BIPT’s guidelines on mobile infrastructure sharing. In summarising its views on the matter, the watchdog stated: ‘Overall, [the] BIPT would like to emphasise that mobile infrastructure sharing in Belgium is allowed and needs no further authorisation, as long as operators are still commercially and technically independent, since a lack of independence could typically bias competition to the detriment of end users.’ Interested parties have been given until 19 October 2011 to comment on the issue.