Tanzanian PTO announcing leasing terms of access to NICTBB

20 Sep 2011

Tanzanian fixed line incumbent Tanzania Telecommunication Company (TTCL) has used the medium of the local press to unveil terms and conditions for leasing access to the country’s national ICT broadband backbone network (NICTBB). Daily News reports that the PTO has published a range of prices for indefeasible rights of use (IRU) to lease capacity on the network for ten, 15 or 20 years. It is understood that companies wishing to sign up will make a one-off IRU payment, following which they will be liable for annual operations and maintenance payments for the remainder of the term period. To date, TTCL has connected no fewer than 14 regions under the rollout phase of NICTBB, including Dar es Salaam, Coast, Morogoro, Iringa, Mbeya, Dodoma, Singida, Manyara and Arusha. Other locations on the target list for phase two are thought to be Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Shinyanga, Mwanza and Mara.