iiNet unveils NBN pricing structure

19 Sep 2011

Alternative Australian broadband provider iiNet has lifted the lid on its pricing structure for broadband services offered over the in-development National Broadband Network (NBN), revealing that it will undercut one of its major rivals, Internode, by as much as half in some regions. Reporting on the matter, Delimiter notes that, while iiNet’s entry level services are priced roughly in line with Internode’s packages – a 12Mbps/1Mbps up/down connection with a 20GB on-peak and 20GB off-peak usage is AUD49.95 (USD51.7) per month, in addition to an AUD9.95 monthly charge for a VoIP connection – higher level tariffs show a marked difference. While Internode has previously announced its top-end tariff, which offers 1TB monthly data usage and downlink speeds of up to 100Mbps, would cost AUD189.95 per month, iiNet has confirmed it will charge AUD99.95 for a similar package (offering 500GB off-peak and 500GB peak usage at the same speeds).

Australia, iiNet (incl. Internode), Internode