FT to drop corporate brand name in favour of Orange by summer 2012

16 Sep 2011

According to French newspaper La Tribune, national PTO France Telecom (FT) is planning to abandon its corporate brand name and replace it with the Orange moniker – possibly as early as the summer of 2012. The paper cites an internal memo from FT which highlights its intention to become known as Orange at a corporate level by the time it sits for its AGM next year. It is claimed the first steps have already been taken, with FT looking to change email addresses of its staff on 19 September. It is understood the telco will also look to change its stock listing to Orange under the plan. Having adopted the Orange name as its sole branding for internet, TV and mobile services in most of its countries of operation in 2006, in March 2009 then CEO, Didier Lombard, announced that the group’s rebranding would be extended to include the operator’s old name. Although he did not provide a timeframe for this to take place, industry watchers noted that the announcement was presented as part of the group’s three-year ‘Orange 2012’ strategy plan – providing a strong hint of the ultimate intention.

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