LION2 cable arrives in Kenya, set for 1H12 launch

8 Sep 2011

According to local newspaper The Standard, the Lower Indian Ocean Network 2 (LION2) submarine cable has docked in Mombasa, and is set to be connected to its sister cable, LION, in international waters ahead of testing; the submarine link is expected to be lit in 1H12. The 3,000km LION2 cable will extend the existing LION infrastructure to Kenya via the island of Mayotte. Two new landing stations are believed to be under construction, one in Kaweni, Mayotte and the other in Nyali, outside Mombasa. The LION2 cable will cost around KES7.50 billion (USD79.1 million) to deploy, of which France Telecom (FT) has stumped up KES4.18 billion, with the remainder being met by Telkom Kenya and FT’s its other regional subsidiaries, Mauritius Telecom and Orange Madagascar, alongside the company’s carrier companies Emtel Ltd, Societe Reunionnaise du Radiotelephone and STOI Internet. Previously Telkom Kenya has made significant investments in the The East African Marine System (TEAMS) as well as the East African Submarine System (EASSy). At the time of the initial LION2 announcement, FT commented: ‘For Kenya, LION2 is an important project that will strengthen its connectivity to international networks and cover its capacity requirements for years to come’.

Kenya, Mayotte, Mauritius Telecom (MT), Orange Group, Orange Madagascar, Telkom Kenya