Consumer quad-play packages from Telekom Slovenije

8 Sep 2011

Slovenian incumbent PSTN operator Telekom Slovenije, which completed a merger with its mobile division Mobitel in July, has launched a range of residential quadruple-play fixed line, broadband, TV and mobile packages. Three new packages are on offer, with the entry-level ‘Basic Family Pack A’ costing a monthly subscription of EUR49.90 (USD70.10) for ADSL broadband speeds of up to 4Mbps (download), around 60 ‘SiOL TV’ IPTV channels, SiOL fixed telephony based on VoIP technology, a Mobitel mobile subscription (with a discount on mobile handsets), 60 minutes of free calls to all Slovenian phone numbers, 100 SMS/MMS messages and free calls to a selected family/user group. Previously, following the merger with Mobitel, Telekom began offering convergent mobile/fixed/data/video packages for the business user sector in early July.

Slovenia, Telekom Slovenije (incl. Mobitel)