UPC Austria confirms 1.3Gbps fibre trial

7 Sep 2011

Cableco UPC Austria has announced that it demonstrated download speeds of around 1.3Gbps during an advanced field test of its long-standing ‘Fiber Power’ network, which utilises the operator’s hybrid optical fibre/coaxial cable DOCSIS 3.0 technology. The trial, which was carried out in conjunction with technical partner ARRIS, a US-based broadband interoperability specialist, demonstrated transmission speeds capable of downloading a HD movie in under two minutes, or 100 songs in less than five seconds. Despite the successful trial, UPC has indicated that the download speeds are unlikely to be made commercially available in the near future. Thomas Hintze, CEO of UPC Austria, commented: ‘Our high-quality ‘Fiber Power’ network [ensures that] UPC customers [are] already prepared for the demands of tomorrow. This test shows that our fibre-coaxial structure for is ready to reach speeds in excess of 1Gbps. We look forward to bringing together our partners [to introduce] such powerful products to the market in the future’.

Austria, UPC Austria