Vivendi confirms GVT’s satellite pay-TV launch

6 Sep 2011

Jean-Bernard Levy, the chairman of French media and telecoms conglomerate Vivendi, has announced that the group’s Brazilian telecoms operator and internet service provider Global Village Telecom (GVT) is this month launching a satellite-based pay-TV service in the country. In a conference call with investors last week, the chairman said: ‘We have a satellite based pay-TV offering that we’re finalising exactly now, and that will be launched in September. This will fuel GVT growth for the next few years.’ Levy went on to say he was broadly ‘satisfied’ with the performance of the group’s assets in emerging markets, which are seen as increasingly important to its future development. GVT’s infrastructure currently covers 102 Brazilian cities with Levy noting that on the back of a 46% rise in EBITDA at GVT (at constant currency rates), the French owner is looking now to focus its investments in the telco on improving broadband quality. ‘Investment is important in terms of coverage, but also in terms of bandwidth. Bandwidth helps you sell, as we have our own network with fibre-optic. We have a huge differentiation gap with our competitors,’ Levy said.

Brazil, Global Village Telecom (GVT)