Ghana’s MNP gathers momentum

6 Sep 2011

Ghana’s telecoms watchdog the National Communication Authority (NCA) has announced that by the end of August 64,700 customers had switched operators via mobile number portability (MNP) since its launch two months earlier. 43,600 numbers were ported in August alone, representing around 0.2% of the total wireless market. The regulator gives no details regarding which operators are receiving the most ports, or losing the most customers, but does note that 515 customers ported back to their original provider after the minimum waiting period, whilst 67 elected to immediately switch to a third operator.

Ghana’s wireless market is somewhat crowded, with five operators vying for position and a sixth in the pipeline. MNP is expected to improve conditions for competition, allowing smaller, younger telcos such as Expresso to compete with the well-established, entrenched providers like MTN Ghana.