Arcep: broadband and ultra-high speed market topped 22m in June

5 Sep 2011

According to information published by the French market regulator Arcep, the country was home to 22 million high speed and ultra-high speed broadband connections at the end of June 2011, up a net 260,000 on the same time three months earlier. Of the total, some 21.5 million users were on a high speed line, up 220,000 quarter-on-quarter, while 555,000 were hooked up to a fibre-optic (FTTx) connection. At the end of June, some 1.21 million French homes were within reach of a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service, up 33% year-on-year, with Arcep reporting that fibre access sharing provisioning continues to grow. By the start of July 2011 around 28% of FTTH-eligible households (336,000) were able to take a service from at least two rival operators, while 4.2 million homes could receive a fibre-optic service – albeit with a coaxial termination point. Of these, a little over 1.2 million homes are situated outside what the regulator defines as ‘very densely populated areas’.

France, Arcep