ComReg publishes outline of 4G auction plan, but no date

26 Aug 2011

Ireland’s national telecoms regulator ComReg has finally published a draft decision on its planned auction of frequencies in the 800MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz band for next generation 4G/LTE services. reports that it stopped short of providing a date for the auction – a final decision is expected in the autumn – but that the three bands will soon be allocated covering the period 2013-2030. In total, the watchdog intends to auction off 28 blocks of spectrum, with each block comprising 2 × 5MHz of spectrum, to firms submitting the highest bids. The auction will be a two-stage process: firstly, to determine the amount of spectrum each bidder has secured rights to and; secondly, to finalise the location won in each spectrum band. ComReg is also instituting a competition cap to ensure that no single company can win more than ten blocks of spectrum – with a maximum of four blocks below 100MHz. The watchdog is inviting comments from interested parties to be submitted by 30 September, after which it will publish the final decision.