Telecom NZ will hold out for 700MHz LTE spectrum

23 Aug 2011

According to Australian website ZDNet, Telecom New Zealand CEO Paul Reynolds has indicated that the operator is prepared to wait until 2012 before rolling out a mobile network using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Reynolds said that Steven Joyce, the minister of communications and information technology, has confirmed that 112MHz of spectrum in the 700MHz frequency band will be auctioned off in 2012, following the completion of the country’s digital TV rollout. Reynolds commented: ‘Over the next twelve to 24 months, you’re going to see the mobile industry, the issues, continue to be dominated by data: 3G data. LTE is coming, of course we are planning for that. The hard detail is knowing the government’s plans, and how we participate in the allocation process’. TeleGeography notes that whilst the 700MHz spectrum band is not widely used for the deployment of LTE, it has been utilised by numerous operators in the US with a degree of success.

New Zealand, Spark