Ministry adopts policies to support 75% broadband coverage, LTE rollout

23 Aug 2011

Ecuador’s Minister of Telecommunication & Information Society, Jaime Ruiz Guerrero, has announced to a news conference that new policies have been adopted to strengthen the National Broadband Plan aimed at spreading high speed internet access to underserved areas. The main goals of the scheme are to: decrease the price of data per kbps ‘significantly’ by 2014; ensure that the majority of rural parishes have a broadband connection by 2015; triple the country’s number of broadband connections by 2016; and by 2017 give 75% of the Ecuadorian population broadband access (>256kbps). The new measures adopted by the Ministerio de Telecomunicaciones (Mintel) included a resolution to implement Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband infrastructure in all regions of the country in collaboration with international technology providers including Nokia Siemens Networks, to take advantage of the popularity of mobile devices. The minister quoted the figure that 68% of rural households in Ecuador have a mobile phone.