South Africa, Lesotho hope to cut costs after telecoms pact

17 Aug 2011

According to, South African communications minister Roy Padayachie signed a statement of cooperation with his Lesotho counterpart Mothejoa Metsing, in Pretoria this week. Metsing commented: ‘We have no choice but to work together in the best interests of the people of South Africa and Lesotho. 4.5 million Basotho [Lesotho nationals] live in South Africa compared to the Kingdom’s 1.9 million population’. The talks were believed to have centred on the lowering of telecoms costs between the two countries; current prices are believed to be disproportionately high, despite that fact that the distance between Johannesburg and Lesotho is shorter than that between Johannesburg and Cape Town. The statement of cooperation will serve as a vehicle to explore potential partnerships between the two countries, with digital migration, cyber security, roaming, postal services and broadband connectivity all under discussion. The delegation from Lesotho will also pay a visit to the management of fixed line operator Telkom South Africa, WiMAX provider Sentech and telecoms watchdog Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) during their stay in the country.

Lesotho, South Africa