Huawei bulks up cellcos for Universiade

17 Aug 2011

Chinese vendor Huawei has announced that it has launched 110 indoor and outdoor sites for China Mobile’s Long Term Evolution Time Division Duplex (LTE-TDD) trial network. Huawei installed an end-to-end solution for the cellco, and has successfully tested mobile data services such as HD videoconferencing and high speed downloads and uploads, reporting downlink speeds of between 60Mbps and 70Mbps. The LTE-TDD system covers all the stadiums featuring in the upcoming Universiade in Shenzhen, and will be used to provide live video coverage of the games. Also receiving a boost for the event is China Telecom, the sole telecommunications provider for the competition, which has chosen Huawei’s ‘intelligent storm’ solution to optimise its CDMA network to handle the increased volume of traffic. Huawei claims that the upgrade will increase the capacity of the network ten-fold, and maintain the quality of voice services.