Maxis and Alca-Lu partner for 100 Gigabit core transmission network upgrade

10 Aug 2011

Malaysia’s Maxis Communications has announced that, with French-US vendor Alcatel-Lucent acting as its strategic supplier, it has undertaken a ‘major transformation’ of its core transmission network. The telco said that by deploying Alca-Lu’s 100 Gigabit (100G) optical coherent network solution it will be able to address increasing bandwidth requirements and data usage driven by increased smartphone use and uptake of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) services. Further, Maxis said that the upgrade would allow it to provision services more quickly and shorten the time to market for new products requiring higher capacities and reliability. Commenting on the development, Mark Dioguardi, chief technology officer at Maxis Communications, noted: ‘Maxis’ growth and track record have been supported by a strong commitment to bringing innovation and transforming our architecture to address the challenges of capacity, network protection and quick provisioning … The deployment of this optical network solution transforms our core transmission network; much like upgrading from a normal trunk road to a super highway, allowing users to enjoy faster and seamless high capacity connectivity within Peninsular Malaysia.’

Malaysia, Alcatel-Lucent, Maxis