France: mobile market climbs to nearly 66m in June

9 Aug 2011

Data published by Autorite de Regulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (Arcep) in France shows the country and its overseas territories was home to 65.965 million mobile subscribers at the end of June, of which 63.856 million were classed as ‘active’ users, up 6.3% year-on-year from 62.063 million in June 2010. In its market observatory for the second semester of this year, the regulator noted that people on a pre-paid option stood at 18.60 million, compared to nearly 17.87 million a year earlier, although the figure actually dipped from 18.66 million in March 2011. Post-paid users though, increased from around 44.19 million in 2Q10 to 47.37 million a year later, as penetration reached 101.6% of the population. Further, SMS traffic reached 35.52 billion messages in 2Q11, up 4.8% quarter-on-quarter and 46.8% year-on-year, with average SMS use per active customer increasing to 186.1 per month, from 134.2 previously. Excluding the country’s overseas territories, France counted 63.419 million registered SIMs at 30 June 2011; Arcep estimates 97.1% of the total SIM base was active at that date. Moreover, the advance of MVNO-based services continues. The nation’s virtual operators collectively added 741,000 net new users in the second quarter for a total of 5.975 million – equivalent to a market share of 9.42%, up from 6.49% in June 2010.