Competition authority to investigate KPN’s CAIW takeover

8 Aug 2011

Broadband TV News reports that Dutch competition authority NMa is launching a further investigation into KPN’s proposed takeover of local cable operator CAIW, after initial findings concluded the deal could seriously undermine competition in the cableco’s footprint. The NMa is concerned that by acquiring the cableco and its copper-wire assets in areas currently served by CAIW (mainly in the west of the country), all networks there will be owned by a single company – KPN – reducing end users’ choice for fixed telephony, internet and TV services. As such, the authority has decided that further research is required to decide if the proposed acquisition can take place. The NMa’s position is reportedly echoed by national telecoms watchdog OPTA.

Netherlands, DELTA Fiber Nederland (incl. Caiway), KPN