KDN to overhaul Nairobi fibre network

5 Aug 2011

According to Business Daily Africa, Kenya Data Networks (KDN) is set to overhaul its existing fibre-optic network in Nairobi, with a KES365 million (USD3.91 million) investment. The firm claims that the work has been necessitated by frequent damage to the infrastructure by road contractors, which has severely affected the quality of internet and data services the telco offers to its wholesale clients. KDN marketing director Atul Chaturvedi commented: ‘We are replacing the old fibre with new and upgrading the main equipment that facilitates data transportation, making it four times bigger to cater for the increasing demand’. In September 2010 KDN announced that it intended to focus on the wholesale market rather than dividing its attentions between the wholesale segment and the country’s emergent retail market. Key wholesale clients are believed to include mobile phone operators Safaricom and Airtel Kenya.