Bulgaria to drop MTR

4 Aug 2011

Bulgaria’s watchdog the Communication Regulation Commission (CRC) has announced that it will be lowering mobile termination rates (MTR) – the price charged by an operator for terminating calls from another network. CRC chairman Veselin Bozhkov said that Bulgaria’s MTR, currently amongst the highest in Europe, could be reduced by up to 25%. The CRC is currently conducting market analysis on MTR which will be completed in September. Acting on the results of the analysis, the CRC will then draw up a timetable for MTR reduction. The CRC has also denied allegations that it will face sanctions if it does not bring MTR in line with the recommendations of the European Commission (EC), saying that relations with the office are ‘excellent’. The primary purpose of dropping termination rates is to decrease the cost to the end user, however, according to the EC it will also increase competition and investment. The EC will review the plan to shrink MTR, and will make its own proposals based on whether or not it believes the CRC’s strategy complies with its obligation to set MTR at a ‘cost-efficient, symmetric level’ .