Google, Wananchi team up for Nairobi Wi-Fi project

3 Aug 2011

Google, acting in partnership with local telecoms firm Wananchi Group, has confirmed that it has launched an experimental Wi-Fi network – branded ‘Wazi’ at the Junction shopping area in Nairobi. The service offers free access in ten minute blocks, with paid-for daily and monthly subscriptions also available. The launch was announced in a post on Google Africa’s official blog. Euan Guttridge, technical programme manager for emerging markets, commented: ‘Google has been working hard to improve internet access in sub-Saharan Africa … These efforts are part of our broader goals in Africa: to get more users online, to reduce internet access barriers, and to help develop a vibrant internet environment. Bit by bit, the web in Africa is helping to transform communication and open up new economic opportunities. As part of these efforts, we have also been supporting local businesses to explore providing high speed Wi-Fi at a low cost … At this point it is not clear if or how the network will expand, but there are discussions among local businesses to explore the options’.

Kenya, Wananchi Group (Zuku)