VelaTel says wireless broadband network is now ‘live’ in Peru

2 Aug 2011

US-based VelaTel Global Communications (formerly known as ChinaTel Group) has launched a wireless broadband network in Peru, according to reports from BusinessWire. The operator says it has switched on the wireless broadband service – marketed under the banner GO MOVIL – in all eight cities where it holds operating licences. VelaTel claims its new GO MOVIL network provides the country’s first ‘true 4G broadband internet access’ service, covering around five million Peruvians in the targeted cities. At launch the newcomer is offering a range of tariffs, including low-cost pre-paid service plans, and a number of fixed and mobile devices for connecting to the internet. GO MOVIL will be sold through a range of retail outlets including convenience stores, gas stations, and other locations, it said. VelaTel’s administrative headquarters are in San Diego, California.