Fibre-optic links to be completed in November

29 Jul 2011

Zimbabwean state-owned PSTN operator TelOne will finish the deployment of a fibre-optic transmission network connecting the capital Harare with Beitbridge via Bulawayo by November this year, the country’s Minister of Information Communications Technology (ICT) Nelson Chamisa has stated. The minister said that the project is ‘half way’ completed after the government ‘availed USD14.4 million for the project,’ but added that further funding was required to keep momentum going. ‘We are seeking Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), to financially assist the implementation and upgrading of the infrastructure… We need to bring connectivity to all the marginalised areas. But this can be easily done with the financial muscle of private players since the government is currently facing financial challenges,’ Chamisa stressed. The government allocated USD15 million for the Harare Bulawayo-Beitbridge and Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge fibre-optic links (totalling 1,340km) in its current national budget. Last year TelOne completed an international link from Harare to Mozambique at a cost of USD6.3 million. Chamisa also said that when rollout was complete it would bolster the services of TelOne and its state-run sister mobile operator Net One, especially in the provision of broadband internet services.

Zimbabwe, TelOne