Virgin Media’s 100Mbps speeds now available to 25% of UK premises

21 Jul 2011

British cableco Virgin Media has announced that its 100Mbps cable broadband service is now available to a quarter of the UK’s homes, with the operator stating that some 6.5 million premises across more than 160 locations were able to access the upgraded speeds. Virgin also noted that it remains on track to complete the rollout of the speed upgrade across its entire fibre-optic network by the middle of next year, at which date it expects the 13 million households covered by its infrastructure to have access to the superfast internet option.

Alongside upgrading its network to offer the faster speeds, Virgin has also been upgrading existing customers’ upload speeds across the country at no additional cost, and it noted that the higher uplink speeds were now available to 90% of its network. Customers that have been upgraded are now offered uplink speeds of up to 10Mbps on the 100Mbps package, while on the cableco’s lowest level tariff, which offers download speeds of up to 10Mbps, upload rates have been increased to 1Mbps.

Commenting on the developments, Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said: ‘Virgin Media has consistently led the greatest developments in broadband in the UK and we’re proud to continue this tradition with the rollout of our 100Mbps service. But we’re not stopping there – we continue to develop broadband technology with trials for 200Mbps taking place across the country and we have deployed a cutting-edge 1.5Gbps cable broadband trial in East London.’

United Kingdom, Virgin Media