Airtel expands coverage in rural areas

21 Jul 2011

Airtel Tanzania, a subsidiary of Indian telecoms operator Bharti Airtel, has expanded its mobile network in Lake Zone and Manyara, local newspaper The Citizen reports, citing a statement issued by the cellco. Airtel Tanzania’s regional manager, Ally Maswanya, said the company now provides coverage in Mamire, Mwikansi, Endakiswa, Kwara, Gijedabuu Endegile, Bonga and Mabanzini in Manyara Region, and Nyakanazi in Biharamuro Kagera and Busekela Mwanza. He added that the move was proof of Airtel’s commitment to provide communication solutions in rural parts of Tanzania. ‘Airtel is determined to provide both affordable and quality services to the people of Mara and Kagera that go along with reliable coverage whilst offering a superior consumer experience that is replicated in other parts of the country,’ Maswanya commented.

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