Pacific Fibre taps US firm to construct international link

20 Jul 2011

Auckland-based Pacific Fibre, which will link Australia and New Zealand via a trans-Tasman cable, while connecting New Zealand to the United States via a trans-Pacific cable, has announced that it has selected US-based vendor TE SubCom to implement its 12,750km two-way cable system. First mooted in March 2010, the cable will land in Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles, and offer the most direct route between these landing points. Further, the 5.12Tbps two-pair fibre system will offer roughly five times the capacity of the existing Southern Cross Cable. The cable is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2014.

Mark Rushworth, CEO of Pacific Fibre, commented: ‘Demand for international capacity in Australia and New Zealand is sharply increasing and is on track to continue growing for years to come. The Pacific Fibre Cable will not only provide unsurpassed high speed international connectivity to satisfy the growth in broadband demand, but it will also help Australia and New Zealand realise the potential of both countries’ multi-billion dollar broadband initiatives’.

New Zealand