Huawei wins bid to build rural Canadian WiMAX network

14 Jul 2011

Huawei Technologies has won a competitive bid to build a WiMAX wireless broadband network for Manitoba NetSet. In a two-phased project, the network will extend 3.5GHz WiMAX coverage to rural areas of Manitoba, providing essential broadband internet access to more than 5,000 new households within the first year. ‘There are more than 22,000 households in the southern portion of the province that do not have access to carrier-class broadband internet services and we are committed to delivering this service to all residents of Manitoba,’ said Charlie Clark, owner of I-NetLink Wireless and President of Manitoba NetSet. Manitoba NetSet is a consortium of internet service providers (ISPs) in rural Manitoba which have teamed up to expand broadband network coverage across the province. Its mandate is to serve the regions of the province typically out of reach of traditional landline services. Huawei’s initial engagement with Manitoba NetSet will cover the southern portion of the province reaching from the Saskatchewan border to the west, the Ontario border to the east, the US border to the south, and services will also be made available to regions as far north as The Pas. The network will use Huawei’s SingleRAN base transceiver stations (BTS).

Canada, Huawei Technologies