Spanish mobile users to benefit from faster MNP next year

12 Jul 2011

Mobile subscribers in Spain will find it faster to switch from provider to provider while retaining their existing phone number next year, after the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) ordered that the process be sped up. According to the regulator, with a view to boosting competition in the country’s wireless sector, it has ordered that cellcos port subscribers’ numbers within one working day compared to the four that operators currently have for the process to be completed. Further, the CMT has also revealed that there will be a change in the methodology for determining when the clock starts for the portability process. Under the changes, the one working day time limit for porting will begin as soon as the customer signs an agreement with a new provider, whereas currently the clock does not start counting down until the new provider issued a request to the old one for the number.

Similar reductions for the timeframes for porting fixed line numbers are also reportedly being examined, although the CMT has not indicated when such changes may be enacted.