Nine months for expectant ministry to deliver SIM registration measures

12 Jul 2011

Ecuador’s mobile phone users have been given nine months from 5 July 2011 to register their details on a national database or have their services limited ahead of an eventual disconnection of unregistered SIM cards, the country’s Ministerio de Telecomunicaciones (Mintel) has announced. As a measure to tackle phone theft and other criminal activity, from April 2012 all pre-paid users who have not registered will only be able to receive calls or messages, with no ability to use outbound communications. After one year (July 2012) all remaining unregistered SIMs will be terminated.

On 25 May 2009, Ecuador’s telecoms regulator, the National Telecommunications Council (Consejo Nacional de Telecomunicaciones – Conatel) issued regulations for ‘Legislation governing the procedure for the registration of subscribers of advanced mobile services’. Information on each customer must include a citizen identification number. Within 90 calendar days from the enactment of the resolution, mobile operators must have readied the necessary systems for consultation with the operators of the national ID card database for purposes of verifying information.