Watchdog bares teeth at Kyivstar: bark worse than bite?

8 Jul 2011

The Ukrainian News Agency reports that Ukraine’s National Commission for Communications Regulation (NCCR) has refused to renew the licence held by mobile market leader Kyivstar for nationwide GSM-900 and GSМ-1800 services, which expires on 25 October 2011. ‘Having considered the Kyivstar application for extending the mobile service licence… the NCCR decided not to prolong the existing one based on part 8, Article 46 of the Law of Ukraine on Telecommunications,’ the regulator said in a statement, and went on to recommend that Kyivstar applies for new, separate 900MHz and 1800MHz concessions. The government stands to receive substantially more money from new licence applications than extensions. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 773 of June 2004 establishes the national licence fee for mobile communications services at UAH9.18 million (USD1.14 million) and states that the fee for licence extension is 30% of that for its issue. Previously, the NCCR refused to extend national PTO Ukrtelecom’s licence for long-distance and international telecoms services until 2015, but an appeal resulted in the telco getting its own way in December 2010, and a similar ruling made against alternative telco Vega’s subsidiary Ucomline earlier this year also resulted in an appeal court victory for the operator over the regulator.

Ukraine, Kyivstar